Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris SNBT 2023

Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris SNBT 2023

Soal literasi Bahasa Inggris SNBT 2023 akan jauh berbeda dengan soal Bahasa Inggris UTBK tahun sebelumnya. Menurut Mas Menteri Nadiem Makarim soal-soal literasi Bahasa Inggris lebih menekankan pada pemahaman (comprehensian) peserta terhadap isi sebuah bacaan. Paham kan Kalian, guys? Gimana? Kalian sudah siap?

Hehehe… Menurut saya, sub-tes ini akan menjadi tantangan tersendiri dan bisa menjadi pembeda dan penentu kelolosan Kalian. Kemampuan memahami text melibatkan banyak komponen termasuk diantaranya grammar dan vocabulary. Jadi, jelas akan lebih susah dong guys. But, No worries guys!! We’ll help you improve your literacy skill here. Ayo kita latihan denga soal-soal berikut.

Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris SNBT 2023

Ayo kalian baca text-text berikut kemudian jawab sendiri. Setelah selesai cek jawaban Kalian dengan melihat pembahasan di bagian akhir artikel ini.

Reading Text 1

The tiniest bird in the world is the male bee hummingbird. Because it is so small, it is often mistaken for a bee or some other type of insect of that size. As a hummingbird, it is able to flap its wings extremely quickly, up to eighty times per second. With this really fast wing speed, the bee hummingbird can hover like a helicopter; fly forward, fly backward, or even fly upside down.

1. What is the topic of this passage?
A. The bee
B. One type of hummingbird
C. How fast hummingbirds fly
D. How helicopters fly

2. It can be inferred from the passage that the female bee hummingbird
A. is really a bee
B. does not exist
C. is larger than the male
D. eats insects

3. If you see a male bee hummingbird you will probably think that it is
A. a bird
B. an insect
C. a bat
D.a helicopter

4. According to the passage, which of the statements below is incorrect?
A. A male be hummingbird can remain in one place in the air.
B. A male be hummingbird is a bee.
C. A male be hummingbird is not an insect.
D. A male be hummingbird can float in the air.

5. The passage indicates that a bee hummingbird can do all of the following, EXCEPT
A. Hover
B. fly backward
C. fly in an inverted position
D. fly a helicopter

Reading Text 2

The number of rings in a tree can be used to determine how old a tree really is. Each year a tree produces a ring that is composed of one light-colored wide band and one dark-colored narrow band. The wider band is produced during the spring and early summer, when tree stem cells grow rapidly and become larger. The narrower band is produced in fall and early winter, when cell growth is much slower and cells do not get very large. No cells are produced during the harsh winter and summer months.

6. If you find a tree that has 100 wide bands and 100 narrow bands it means that the tress is
A. a century old
B. two centuries old
C. fifty years old
D. two hundred years old

7. It can be inferred from the passage that cells do not grow
A. when the tree is ill
B. during extreme heat or cold
C. when it rains too much
D. if there are more light-colored bands than dark-colored bands

Reading Text 3

Until 1996 the Sears Tower was the tallest building in the world, with more than a hundred stories. It is located in Chicago, whose nickname is the Windy City. The combination of a very tall building in a city with such weather conditions leads to a lot of swaying in the breeze.

On a windy day, the top of the building can move back and forth as much as three feet every few seconds. The inside doors at the top of the building open and close, and water in sinks sloshes back and forth.

8. The Sears Tower is probably
A. as tall as the Empire State Building
B. no longer the tallest building in the world
C. taller than any other building
D. still the highest building in the world

9. Which of the statements below is correct based on the passage above?
A. Chicago has moderate weather.
B. Chicago is generally warm.
C. Chicago has humid weather.
D. Chicago has a lot of wind

10. It is implied in the passage that the upper-level doors in the Sears Tower open and close because
A. the building was poorly constructed
B. people go in and out so often
C. the building moves in the wind
D. there is water in the sinks

Gimana guys, mudah yaa soalnya??? Betul guys 10 soal ini merupakan soal-soal kategori mudah yang kalian harus bisa menjawabnya dengan cepat dan tepat. Kalian bisa gunakan sisa waktu untuk mengerjakan yang lebih susah nantinya. Silahkan lihat jawabannya disini






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